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cats online business

Starting a Cats Online Business!


Feline friends make life better. So it’s no surprise that cats are beloved by millions of pet owners across the globe. This presents a major opportunity for cat enthusiasts to start online businesses aimed at fellow cat lovers.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore different ideas for starting a cat-focused online brand, creating engaging cat content, marketing your business, and monetizing your passion for felines of all breeds and kinds. Let’s dive in!

The Popularity of Cats Online: Cats Online Business

Millions of people love and care for these furry little guys, and this makes a cats online business the purr-fect idea!
Millions of people love and care for these furry little guys, making a cats online business the purr-fect idea!


Before outlining ideas, it helps to understand why cats make such a viable online business niche.

Key statistics on cat and kitten popularity:

– An estimated 94.2 million pet cats in the U.S. are growing as millennials become new cat parents (2021-2022 APPA Survey).

– 18.1 million U.S. households acquired a new cat/kitten in just the last year (APPA).

– Global searches for “funny cats” reach over 2 million per month, showing fascination with cat antics (Google Keyword Planner).

– 2.5 million Instagram posts are using the #CatsOfInstagram hashtag.

– YouTube videos about cats receive millions of views, demonstrating major demand.

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– Cat blogs, social accounts, and websites have followings in the hundreds of thousands.

– Pet owners in the U.S. spent $42 billion on their cats in 2021. The pet industry continues to grow.

The data demonstrates the massive audience of cat fans looking for content online. Let’s explore ideas for businesses catering to cat lovers.

Online Business Ideas for Cat Enthusiasts

The topic of cats has many different sub-niches, each with its' own topics and interest-Cats Online Business
The topic of cats has many different sub-niches, each with its own topics and interests- Cats Online Business

Some online business ideas for monetizing your passion for cats include:

Cat Blog


Create a blog sharing cat care tips, product reviews, cute cat photos, breed spotlights, humor posts, holiday gift guides, and more. Earn through ads, affiliates, or digital products.

Cat Website


Build a comprehensive cat-all-things website covering information on cat breeds, training, health, news, cat ownership laws, disaster preparedness, and more. Monetize through ads, brand sponsorships, or annual member subscriptions.

YouTube Channel


Produce entertaining YouTube videos showing your own cats, cute clips, training tutorials, breed overviews, reacting to viral cat videos, and more. Earn through YouTube Partner Program.

Cat Accessories Store


Design and sell cat-themed t-shirts, jewelry, mugs, artwork, calendars, and handicrafts featuring cute cat motifs, phrases, or original designs. Can sell through Etsy, Shopify, or custom site.

Cat Sitting/Walking


Offer cat sitting or walking services locally, marketing through a website, and business listings. Can expand to hire employees.

Cat Boarding Facility


Open a specialized boarding facility for people to bring cats when traveling. Offer premium amenities like cat condos. Hire employees to assist.

Cat Grooming Business


Open a dedicated grooming business offering cat bathing, nail trimming, brush-outs, flea treatments, and hair removal services. Position as a pampered cat spa.

Cat Photography Studio

Photograph cats in cute poses or outfits against backdrops. Sell digital files, prints, calendars, cards, and photo packages to doting cat parents. Market via social media and SEO.

Whatever idea resonates with your skills, each business model allows you to commercialize your feline expertise. Now, let’s explore creating content that cat lovers crave.

Useful Content Topics to Engage Cat Audiences

Even the topic of kittens has a lot of different layers to uncover!-Cats Online Business
Even the topic of kittens has a lot of different layers to uncover!-Cats Online Business

Well-researched and engaging content will help any cat-related online business succeed. Content ideas include:

– New kitten advice – introducing cats, supplies needed
– Spotlights on cat breeds – facts, temperament, photos
– Behavior explainers – why cats knead, knock things over etc.
– Toxic food warnings – what NOT to feed cats
– Homemade cat treat recipes – tuna biscuits, catnip toys
– DIY cat project tutorials – cat towers, scratch posts, toys
– Litter box training tips
– How to trim your cat’s nails
– Signs of illness in cats – symptoms owners shouldn’t ignore
– Interviews with cat rescuers or breeders
– Cat product reviews – litters, carriers, toys, furniture
– Pet adoption spotlights – profiles of adoptable cats needing homes
– Listicles like “10 Ways to Spoil Your Cat”
– Feline holiday gift guides – Christmas, birthdays, catnip toys
– Cat dad/mom lifestyle pieces
– Pet loss support content
– Profiles of famous cats throughout history

Search engines reward sites for consistently publishing new, evergreen cat content. Aim for 2-3 blog posts per week minimum. Promote new content across social media.

Repurpose content into video, podcast, and graphic formats. Seek contributor posts from veterinarians or organizations.

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SEO Tips for a Cats Online Business


Apply on-page and technical SEO best practices to help search engines index and rank cat-related content:

– Choose domain names with your focus keyword like CatJourney.com

– Include target keywords naturally in page titles, headings, image names, URLs, meta descriptions, alt text, and content.

– Optimize pages and posts for searcher intent – “cute cat pics” to entertain, “cat vomiting causes” for concerned owners.

– Create dedicated content pages targeting long-tail keyword opportunities around breeds, care, health etc.

– Publish long-form, comprehensive resources over 2,000 words to satisfy in-depth searches.

– Format content in easily scannable sections with bullet points and images.

– Link out to authoritative resources and reference reputable studies/statistics.

– Update old content by adding new facts, images, videos, and backlinks.

– Make site mobile-friendly and optimize loading speed. Fix broken links.

– Build quality backlinks through guest posts on complementary sites.

Track keyword rankings and traffic sources monthly. Continuously improve on-page elements and UX.

Marketing a Cats Online Business

This "coll cat" is representative of someone developing a personal and unique style, which will serve you well in a Cats online business
This “cool cat” is representative of someone developing a personal and unique style, which will serve you well in a Cats online business

Promote your cat business through:

**Social Media**

– Share content natively on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok
– Engage cat fans – run polls, encourage pet pics in comments
– Join cat and pet enthusiast groups to connect
– Experiment with social ads targeted using pet keywords

**Email Marketing**

– Offer opt-in incentives for emails like ebooks, deals
– Send new posts and product alerts, special subscriber content


– Guest post on reputable pet blogs for backlinks and exposure
– Sponsor cat rescue events or sponsor pet influencers
– Seek brand collaborations with cat food/toy companies


– Build relationships with pet journalists – offer exclusives
– Pitch unique stories like cat adoption spotlights


– Send free products to cat influencers on Instagram or YouTube for reviews
– Ask influencers to showcase products on social media

**Paid Ads**

– Test search, social, and shopping ads on Google, Instagram, Amazon
– Target cat parents by interests and demographics


– Host local cat meet-up events or Facebook Groups
– Support cat charities – share adoptable cats

Promote smartly without coming across “salesy”. Value-first content earns trust.

Monetizing a Cat Business


Some options for generating revenue from a cat business:


– Display ads – Google AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine
– Sponsored posts/ads on your social accounts
– Pet-focused ad networks like PetDesk

**Affiliate Marketing**

– Recommend cat products – litter, toys, food, furniture
– Partner with brands through affiliate programs


– Paid consulting to help new cat owners
– Cat sitting/walking/boarding services
– Cat photography sessions

**Retail Products**

– Sell themed merch – t-shirts, mugs, jewelry, art prints
– OEM and sell your own cat products – plushies, toys, costumes

**Digital Products**

– Sell online courses, ebooks, cheatsheets, printable kits
– Offer paid memberships for exclusive content, Q&As

**Freelance Writing**

– Write cat care articles for pet blogs and magazines

Diversify income between multiple revenue streams. Ensure paid offerings genuinely help cat owners. Deliver value before profits.

Achieving Success with a Cat Business


Launching a thriving online cat business allows you to merge your feline passion and entrepreneurial skills. To maximize your chances of success:

– Consistently publish high-quality, useful content to engage cat lovers. SEO and social promotion are key.

– Understand your target audience’s needs and interests to create content they find valuable.

– Establish yourself as a cat care authority by showcasing expertise.

– Monitor analytics closely to determine what content resonates best with cat fans. Double down on what works.

– Join and participate actively in cat communities – Facebook Groups, forums, and conferences.

– Stay on top of cat care trends, new products, and industry news.

– Consider content diversification – YouTube, TikTok, podcasts, and products.

– Collaborate smartly with other cat brands through partnerships, guest content, and sponsorships.

– Maintain a value-first, community-focused approach – not just sales.

With strategic planning and a genuine passion for cats, your online business can become a thriving hub for feline lovers worldwide.

Cat Business Sub-Niches


While cats as a whole present a large opportunity, consider focusing your online cat business on a particular sub-section of the market:


– Create content focused exclusively on a popular breed like Siamese, Bengal, Ragdoll or Russian Blue cats. Become a breed expert.

– Cater specifically to enthusiasts of rarer breeds like the Sphynx or Norwegian Forest Cat.

**Lifecycle Segment**

– Focus solely on content for new kitten owners regarding introduction, training, supplies, health etc.

– Concentrate on senior cats – care, diet, health issues, adapting homes.

**Special Needs**

– Provide resources and community focused on disabled cats – blind, amputees, diabetic etc.

– Support owners of cats with chronic illnesses through content and forums.

**Cat Lovers Without Cats**

– For people who can’t have cats, provide content on admiring cats, best videos, volunteering with rescues etc.

**Indoor vs. Outdoor Life**

– Focus on enrichment tips and products for strictly indoor cats.

– Provide safety content and solutions for cat owners with outdoor access.

**Cat Fostering**

– Create content on temporary cat fostering best practices – working with rescues, saying goodbye etc.

Here are some key market research insights on the cats online business arena:

– There are an estimated 94.2 million pet cats in the U.S. and counting, making it the most popular pet (2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey)

– 18.1 million U.S. households acquired a new cat/kitten in just the last year, showing continued demand (APPA Survey)

– On average, cat owners spend $1,174 per year on their pet for expenses like food, treats, vet care, toys, and litter (APPA Survey)

– Total spending in the U.S. pet industry reached $123.6 billion in 2021, with cats comprising $30.2 billion of that (APPA Survey)

– Cat food sales grew 5.7% from 2020-2021 as owners purchased premium brands (SPINS report)

– The average lifespan of an indoor cat is 15-20 years, indicating a long period of care (ASPCA)

– 33% of cat owners say their cat brings them joy and happiness as a key benefit (TrendHunter Cat Owner Survey 2022)

– 20% of cat owners dress their cats up in clothes/costumes showing an appetite for cat fashions (TrendHunter)

– Searches for popular cat breeds like Siamese and Ragdoll grew over the past 5 years (Google Trends)

– Instagram hashtag #catsofinstagram has over 2.5 million posts showing social media appetite for cat content

In summary, cats remain extremely popular pets, with devoted owners willing to spend on products, services, and content that enriches their cat’s life. The market continues expanding.

Keyword Ideas for a Cats Online Business

Here is an initial list of broad and long-tail keyword ideas for the cat niche:

**Broad Keywords**

– cats – 301K searches/month
– cute cats – 74K searches/month
– kittens – 22K searches/month
– funny cats – 20K searches/month

**Longer Tail Keywords**

– cat care tips – 27K searches/month
– cat toys – 17K searches/month
– cat breeds – 15K searches/month
– cat trees for large cats – 5K searches/month
– hypoallergenic cat breeds – 4K searches/month
– homemade cat treats – 3K searches/month
– cat gift ideas – 2K searches/month
– cat massage benefits – 1K searches/month
– senior cat food brands – 1K searches/month
– cat calming products – 990 searches/month

**Cat Health Long-Tail Keywords**

– cat coughing hairball – 2K searches/month
– cat limping on back leg – 1K searches/month
– cat eye infection home remedy – 500 searches/month
– cat diarrhea treatment at home – 400 searches/month
– cat derematitis home treatment – 300 searches/month

Wrapping up our coverage of creating a cats online business:

For devoted cat lovers, turning your feline passion into an online business lets you make a living doing what you enjoy. With over 94 million pet cats in the U.S. and counting, the opportunity to provide value to fellow cat enthusiasts through content, products, or services has never been riper. Success requires consistently delivering useful cat care resources and connecting with your audience. Understand your niche’s needs and tailor offerings accordingly. While patience and adaptability are key, maintaining authentic excitement is key to improving cats’ lives. If you approach your online cat venture from a place of dedication rather than simply making money, your brand can resonate for years. We applaud you for embarking on this journey to merge cats and entrepreneurship meaningfully.



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