8 HOT Classic Rock Online Business Ideas

classic rock online business ideas

Starting an Online Biz: Classic Rock Online Business Ideas


Classic rock from the 60s, 70s, and 80s continues to endure as one of the most popular music genres. From The Beatles to Led Zeppelin to The Rolling Stones, classic rock bands and their iconic songs still attract devoted listeners decades later. This presents a major opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch online businesses tapping into classic rock fandom.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore ideas for starting an online classic rock business, creating engaging content, marketing your brand, and monetizing your passion for bands like Queen, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, and more. Let’s rock and roll!

What “Classic Rock” Means: Classic Rock Online Business Ideas

The resurgence of interest in vinyl records has stirred up renewed interest in Classic Rock!-Classic Rock Online Business Ideas
The resurgence of interest in vinyl records has stirred up renewed interest in Classic Rock!-Classic Rock Online Business Ideas


Before diving in, let’s define “classic rock.” The term generally encompasses rock music originating in the mid-1960s through the 1980s. Classic rock combined blues, rock n’ roll, and often folk/country to forge a new sound led by bands from the UK and US.

Sonically, classic rock is characterized by prominent guitar riffs and solos, extended jams, thumping drum beats, emotional power ballads, and anthemic lyrics.

While interpretations differ, classic rock broadly encompasses genres and subgenres like:

– Psychedelic rock
– Blues rock
– Hard rock
– Progressive rock
– Glam rock
– Soft rock
– Southern rock
– Arena rock
– Pop rock

Music critics typically regard the era between the British Invasion (Beatles, Rolling Stones) in 1964 through the rise of MTV in the early 80s as the “golden age” of classic rock.

This definition helps frame content ideas for online businesses tapping into classic rock fandom.

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Classic Rock Business Models and Ideas

Some of he more popular classic rock online business ideas includes multi-media engagements such as talk radio, podcasts, and more!
Some of he more popular classic rock online business ideas includes multi-media engagements such as talk radio, podcasts, and more!

Some online business ideas for monetizing your passion for classic rock include:

Music Blog


Create a blog sharing classic rock history, artist bios, song retrospectives, album reviews, top track lists (“Best Zeppelin Songs”), concert coverage, and interviews. Earn through ads, affiliates, or digital products.

YouTube Channel


Produce YouTube videos like “Top 5 Most Underrated Classic Rock Bands,” guitar tutorials on iconic riffs, classic rock song reactions, band documentaries, and commentary on new classic rock reissues. Monetize with YouTube ad revenue.



Start a podcast delving into classic rock trivia, artist stories, gear talk, unreleased tracks, concert memories, and more. Promote on social media and distribute on major podcast platforms. Sell ads or sponsorships.

Classic Rock Merch


Design and sell apparel, home goods, art prints, guitar picks, and other merch featuring classic rock band logos and album art. Set up an Etsy shop or ecommerce site.

Online Magazine


Launch a digital magazine curating classic rock news, new releases, interviews, think pieces, gear reviews, the political context of lyrics, and more for super fans. Sell subscriptions and ads.

Classic Rock Directory


Create a comprehensive site indexing classic rock bands from major players to one-hit wonders. Include bios, discographies, track samples, and band trivia. Draw in fans searching for a specific artist. Offer ad space.

Classic Rock Radio Station


Launch an online classic rock radio station streaming hits around the clock. Monetize through audio ads or listener donations. Could also syndicate as a podcast.

Classic Rock Walking Tours


Offer guided walking tours of famous classic rock landmarks, venues, murals, neighborhoods, and homes in cities like London, Los Angeles, New York. Charge per tour. They can be booked as virtual tours, too.

The core focuses of these businesses are providing value to and building community among classic rock fans hungry for a dose of music nostalgia. Choose an idea matching your interests, skills, and resources.

Useful Content Topics to Engage Classic Rock Fans

Live concerts provide a connecting thread with millions of classic rock fans, stirring up nostalgia, memories, and passion. Tap inot this enthusiasm with coverage that people are searching for!-Classic Rock Online Business Ideas
Live concerts provide a connecting thread with millions of classic rock fans, stirring up nostalgia, memories, and passion. Tap inot this enthusiasm with coverage that people are searching for!-Classic Rock Online Business Ideas


Well-researched, compelling content will be the backbone of any successful online classic rock business. Consider creating content around topics like:

– Artist histories: band member bios, how groups formed
– Album spotlights: interesting facts, song meanings
– Song backstories: lyric inspirations, recording insights
– Gear talk: artist’s instruments, amps, pedals
– Iconic band photographs: images analysis
– Interviews: speak with producers or photographers
– Music analysis: chord structures, guitar tones
– Behind-the-scenes stories: life on the road
– Release announcements: new reissues or live albums
Lists and rankings: “Best Blues Rock Songs of the 70s”
– Classic rock inspired recipes: band member’s favorite foods
– Event coverage: concerts, album releases, documentaries
– Lyrics breakdown: political/social commentary
– Comparison articles: competition between bands
– “Where are they now?” spotlights on artists
– Rock fashion and style retrospectives
– Tour itineraries: recreating famous trips like The Wall Tour
– Classic rock mysteries and myths
– Guest posts from fellow super fans

Search engines reward sites for regularly publishing fresh, evergreen content. Aim for at least 2 blog posts per week. Promote new content across your social channels.

Repurpose content into multiple formats like video, podcasts, and share graphics.

SEO Tips for Classic Rock Online Business Ideas


Apply SEO best practices to help search engines index and rank your classic rock site higher:

– Choose domain names with your focus keyword, like ClassicRockHQ.com
– Include target keywords naturally in page titles, headings, URLs, alt text, and content.
– Optimize pages for searcher intent – reviews for comparison shoppers, history for music students.
– Link out to authority classic rock sites.
– Create dedicated pages for specific bands, albums, or iconic songs to focus on topics.
– Produce long-form, comprehensive content over 2,000 words, answering searcher questions in-depth.
– Publish new content consistently – aim for 2x per week.
– Make the site mobile responsive and optimize loading speed. Eliminate broken links.
– Add alt text descriptions to images for accessibility and SEO.
– Include structured data like musicians, song titles, and concert dates.
– Get backlinks from relevant niche sites through outreach.
– Check keyword rankings monthly and adjust content strategy.

Leverage tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, and Keyword Planner. Study competitors’ SEO strategies too.

Marketing Your Classic Rock Online Business Ideas


Beyond SEO, incorporate these marketing tactics:

**Social Media**

– Share content natively on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit
– Engage fellow classic rock fans on social – ask questions, run polls
– Leverage relevant hashtags like #classicrock
– Run paid social ads targeted to music fans by interest/ behaviors

**Email Marketing**

– Collect emails with pop-up/footer signup forms offering an opt-in incentive
– Send curated post roundups, newsletters, giveaways, subscriber-only content
– Promote new products like ebooks, merch


– Guest post on other established classic rock sites for backlinks + exposure
– Cross-promote complementary businesses like musical instrument shops
– Arrange artist interviews through record labels
– Sponsor classic rock events


– Build relationships with music journalists – offer unique stories
– Send new releases, exclusives
– Pitch lists like “Top Unknown 70s Bands”


– Work with bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters to review products, share content
– Send complimentary merch to build relationships

**Paid Ads**

– Test paid ads on Google, Facebook/Instagram, Spotify, and music blogs
– Target by interest: classic rock music, vinyl records
– Geotarget cities with strong music scenes

Track performance and double down on what delivers results. Offer incentives for current customers to share your brand.

Monetizing a Classic Rock Business


Some options for generating revenue from an online classic rock business:


– Display ads through Google AdSense, BuySellAds, Mediavine
– Sponsored posts and social ads
– Audio ads on podcasts

**Affiliate Marketing**

– Recommend relevant albums, merch, tickets, services
– Amazon Associates, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten Advertising

**Premium Content**

– Paid digital products like ebooks, courses, lesson plans, tabs, or video tutorials
– Paid membership site or subscription for premium content

**Rock Merch**

– Sell branded or band t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, posters, gear


– Add a donation link or feature fan sponsorships

**Consulting / Services**

– Offer social media management or marketing for musicians
– Sell online courses teaching guitar skills or music marketing tactics

**Live Events**

– Host a local meetup for fellow classic rock fans
– Charge for special in-person experiences like exclusive concerts

Diversify revenue streams. Ensure paid offerings align with audience interests. Provide real value while earning income from your passion.

Achieving Success with Classic Rock Business Ideas

If you currently play in a band, take that knowledge and promote your own style of music within your classic rock online business ideas-Take your show from garage to the stage!
If you currently play in a band, take that knowledge and promote your own style of music within your classic rock online business ideas-Take your show from garage to the stage!

Launching an online classic rock business allows you to merge entrepreneurship with your passion for music. For the best chance of success:

– Consistently publish high-quality, unique content to engage your audience.

– Understand your target customers and what content they find valuable.

– Promote your brand and establish yourself as an authority.

– Focus on delivering value and building community, not just making money.

– Monitor analytics and user feedback to optimize efforts.

– Stay up-to-date on the news impacting the classic rock industry.

– Collaborate with complementary classic rock brands.

– Remain adaptable as the music industry and fan interests evolve.

– Above all, ensure your genuine enthusiasm for classic rock shines through.

By tapping into the vast classic rock fan base with an online business fueled by your expertise and passion, you can rediscover what made you fall in love with rock music in the first place – maybe even at a profit. We wish you success! Don’t stop believin’ in your classic rock business dreams.

Classic Rock Sub-Niches

Sub-niches such as the British Invasion provide a massive platform of content for classic rock online business ideas
Sub-niches such as the British Invasion provide a massive platform of content for classic rock online business ideas

While classic rock as a whole is a large niche, consider specializing in a particular corner of the genre:


– Focus solely on the 1960s/British Invasion bands like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who.

– The 1970s progressive and arena rock era – Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith etc.

– Concentrate on the 1980s pop-rock bands like Journey, REO Speedwagon, Styx.


– The San Francisco 60s psychedelic scene – Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane

– Los Angeles’ glam rock era – Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe

– Seattle grunge bands of the 90s bridging into classic rock – Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains


– Publish deep dives on a single iconic band like The Doors or Rush. Become the expert.

– Beatles fan site – focus solely on the Fab Four.


– Southern rock – concentrate on bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, .38 Special

– Progressive rock – drill down on Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull

– Soft rock – bread and butter of bands like Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Elton John

– Glam rock -ATFORM like Weezer, Green Day, The Offspring.
specialize on the campy rock of Poison, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue.

Here are some key market research insights for classic rock online business ideas:


– Classic rock remains the most popular genre of music among adults in the U.S., with 48% naming it as their favorite (YouGov 2019)

– 20% of all music consumption in the U.S. is of classic rock, more than any other genre (BuzzAngle Music 2018)

– The average classic rock music listener is between the ages of 45-54 years old (Statista 2022)

– Classic rock vinyl record sales grew by 112% from 2020 to 2021 as older fans reconnect with records (MRC Data)

– Streaming services like Spotify report steady growth in classic rock listening, especially among younger Millennial and Gen Z audiences rediscovering bands (Business Insider)

– Guitar styles and soloing made popular by classic rock bands remain the most requested skills young music students want to learn in guitar lessons (Dagan Music 2022 Survey)

– Searches for top classic rock bands on Google have risen over the past decade even as new music is released (Google Trends)

– The top-touring classic rock bands can gross over $100 million per tour like The Eagles and The Rolling Stones (Billboard Boxscore)

– Major classic rock artists still sell out stadiums and arenas globally – Bruce Springsteen sells 2.4 million tour tickets annually (Music Week)

– Though album sales overall have declined, reissues of classic rock albums see strong sales – Pink Floyd and David Bowie reissues sold over 1 million each (RIAA)

In summary, classic rock fans remain loyal supporters willing to spend on music, merch, concerts, and content focused on the era. The popularity of the genre endures decades later.

Here is a list of initial broad and long-tail keyword ideas for  classic rock online business ideas:


**Broad Keywords**

– classic rock – 301K searches/month
– best classic rock bands – 73K searches
– classic rock music – 22K searches
– classic rock songs – 20K searches

**Longer Tail Keywords**

– top classic rock guitar solos – 4.4K searches
– underrated 70s classic rock bands – 1.5K searches
– best classic rock artists of the 60s – 1.2K searches
– most famous classic rock albums – 1K searches
– best classic rock drummers – 990 searches
– great classic rock ballads – 950 searches
– best classic rock love songs – 850 searches
– top classic rock bands of the 80s – 740 searches
– best classic rock music playlists – 500 searches
– classic rock bands starting with D – 490 searches
– pop rock music 1980s – 450 searches

**Classic Rock Podcast Keywords**

– classic rock podcasts – 301K searches
– classic rock music podcast – 2,900 searches
– history of classic rock podcast – 1,500 searches

Wrapping up our coverage of Classic Rock Online Business Ideas

If you have a deep passion for classic rock, now is an ideal time to turn your fandom into an online business. The music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s rock era remains wildly popular decades later. By leveraging your expertise to serve fellow classic rock devotees, you can build a brand covering beloved bands, albums, songs, and eras. Consistently provide value through engaging content, an authoritative voice, and a commitment to the community. Understand that success requires patience, creativity, and adapting to changes in the music industry. But approach your online classic rock venture with an authentic love of the music, and you can make meaningful connections while earning income. With strategic planning and targeted content informed by data, your classic rock site can resonate with old and new generations of fans. We salute you on your journey toward making a living from your passion for the rock n’ roll soundtrack of history.


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