14 POWERFUL Build A PC Online Business Ideas


Creating a Build a PC online business


Building your computer is hugely rewarding. And with the global PC market surpassing $500 billion, there’s a major opportunity to help others learn to assemble PCs themselves.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide ideas for starting an online business around the DIY computer niche, from blog content to marketing to monetization. Let’s dive in!

Why Focus on a Build a PC online business?

With a vast array of components, an ever-changing market, constantly advancing technology, and a reasonably difficult learning curve, How to build a PC online business becomes a fantastic idea!
With a vast array of components, an ever-changing market, constantly advancing technology, and a reasonably difficult learning curve, How to build a PC online business becomes a fantastic idea!

Before we outline online business ideas, let’s look at why PC building makes for a viable niche:

– Building your own computer rather than buying prebuilt saves money while allowing full customization. Prebuilt desktop fees can include large retailer markups.

– People take pride in the self-sufficiency and accomplishment of assembling their own computer. It’s enormously empowering.

– PC building allows choosing components optimized for specific needs – high-end gaming, video editing, casual browsing etc.

– As new computer components are released, there is a recurring interest in upgrading PCs through DIY. The work is never done.

– DIY computer assembly videos receive millions of YouTube views, demonstrating major demand for help.

– For gamers especially, assembling your own PC is part of the hobby. It enables fine-tuning performance.

– Mastering PC building can lead to professional opportunities in IT and tech.

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The data shows a large, passionate audience of DIY computer builders hungry for guidance. Now, let’s explore online business ideas catering to this market.

How to Build a PC Online Business Ideas

Gaming PCs are a common project for PC enthusiasts, and a great topic for a How to Build a PC Online Business
Gaming PCs are a common project for PC enthusiasts and a great topic for a How to Build a PC Online Business

Some ideas for starting an online business around the computer assembly niche include:

Instructional Blog


Create a blog offering step-by-step PC build tutorials, part reviews/recommendations, beginner tips, advanced techniques, troubleshooting guides, and more. Monetize through ads, affiliates, or paid coaching products.

YouTube Channel


Produce YouTube videos like complete PC build walkthroughs, custom rig showcases, how-to’s on specific components like CPU coolers, beginner tips, and commentary on new releases. Earn revenue through the Partner Program.

Ecommerce Store


Sell computer parts and components for PC building, like GPUs, motherboards, CPU chips, cases, power supplies, etc. Dropship or buy wholesale. Also, offer pre-picked PC building kits.

Computer Assembly Services


Offer customized computer building and component installation services for local clients. Provide component recommendations and post-build support, too.

3D Rendering Services


Design 3D renderings or physical models of customers’ planned PC builds to help them preview aesthetics before purchasing parts.

Custom PC Water Cooling


Specialize in installing customized water cooling setups for serious PC builders seeking maximum overclocking potential.

Print/Digital Magazines


Create downloadable weekly or monthly publications focused on DIY computer topics, builds, techniques, insider news, and industry analysis. Sell issues, subscriptions, and advertising.

Online Courses


Develop paid online video courses teaching every aspect of PC assembly and maintenance, like “PC Building 101” or overclocking masterclasses.

The key is choosing an idea that matches your interests, skills, and market viability. Now, let’s explore the kind of content that appeals to PC builder audiences.

Useful Content Topics: How to build a PC online business


Engaging, educational content should form the core of any online business targeting PC builders. Possible topics include:

– Step-by-step build tutorials – complete walkthroughs from parts list to POST
– “How to” guides on specific techniques – cable management, BIOS flashing etc.
– Research on the best gear for budgets – GPU buyers guides, top budget cases etc.
– Cooling optimization guides – ideal fan setups for airflow
– Overclocking tips and best practices
– Recommended specs for various activities – 4K gaming, music production etc.
– Reviews on newly released components
– Interviews with industry experts and insiders
– Analysis of rumors of upcoming hardware releases
– Diagnosing and fixing common build problems
– Best practices for safely cleaning and maintaining PCs
– Photographing and showcasing completed builds
– Cable sleeving tutorials and inspiration
– RGB lighting ideas and tips
– Safety fundamentals – grounding, ESD protection
– Profiling unique custom mods like PC aquariums or scratch builds

Search engines reward sites for consistently publishing new, evergreen content. Aim for 2+ blog posts per week. Promote each piece of content across social channels.

Repurpose content into video, podcast, and graphic formats as well. Look for SME contributor posts, too.

SEO Tips for DIY PC Websites

Choosing an SEO strategy is important for building your How to build a PC online business
Choosing an SEO strategy is important for building your How to build a PC online business

Apply essential SEO strategies to help search engines index and rank your DIY computer content:

– Choose niche-focused domain names – PCAdvice.com, DIYPCBuilder.com etc.

– Include target keywords naturally in titles, headers, image names, URLs, and meta descriptions.

– Optimize pages for searcher intent – “RTX 4090 review” for buyers, “troubleshoot CPU overheating” for those with issues.

– Create dedicated pages targeting long-tail keyword opportunities around PC parts, techniques etc.

– Publish long-form, comprehensive posts over 2,000 words to satisfy in-depth information searches.

– Use organized headings, numbered steps, bullet points, images, and videos to ease scanning.

– Link to authoritative resources like AMD and cite credible sources.

– Update old content frequently – improved formatting, new images/stats, trending searches.

– Make the site mobile-friendly and improve loading speed. Fix broken links.

– Build quality backlinks through guest posting on complementary blogs.

Continuously analyze analytics and searcher intent patterns. Refine on-page elements and UX accordingly.

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Marketing a DIY PC Business


Some proven promotion strategies include:

**Social Media**

– Share your latest blog posts and videos natively on all major platforms.

– Engage fellow PC builders – ask questions and encourage idea sharing.

– Join PC gaming and build online groups to connect.

– Experiment with targeted social media ads using relevant interests.

**Email Marketing**

– Offer an opt-in incentive like free tips PDF to collect emails.

– Send email newsletters with new posts and product alerts.

– Promote launches of paid products or services.


– Guest posts on niche blogs like Tom’s Hardware for backlinks.

– Partner with PC component brands on giveaways or sponsored content.

– Connect with gaming personalities for collaborations.

**Paid Ads**

– Test search, display, and shopping ads related to DIY PC content.

– Target by interests like PC building, custom PCs, computer gaming etc.


– Host local in-person meetups for PC builders to connect.

– Provide online forums for knowledge sharing.

Leverage your own site content and community for promotion. Avoid overly salesy messaging.

Monetizing a DIY PC Business


Some options for generating revenue from a DIY computer brand include:


– Display ads – Google AdSense, Ezoic, Media.net

– Affiliate ads for computer parts and software

– Sponsored posts/videos promoting brands

**Affiliate Marketing**

– Recommend computer parts, tools, accessories

– Amazon Associates, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten, individual merchants

**Paid Products/Services**

– Sell online courses, channel memberships, informational ebooks

– Offer 1-on-1 remote or in-person coaching and support

– Paid custom PC build services


– Sell branded t-shirts, stickers, mugs, artwork, collectibles

**Physical Products**

– Assemble and sell custom PC rigs you’ve built

– Sell hard-to-find components at a markup

Diversify between various income streams. Ensure paid offerings genuinely assist people.

Achieving Success with a DIY PC Business


By starting an online business around your PC expertise you can potentially monetize your passion. For the best chance of success:

– Consistently create and distribute helpful, high-quality instructional content.

– Immerse yourself in the builder community to understand needs and interests.

– Promote your brand using both free discovery and paid avenues.

– Start niche and expand your offerings over time.

– Continuously analyze data and user feedback to refine efforts and content.

– Adapt to changes in DIY computer trends but remain authentic.

– Build partnerships with aligned PC brands when mutually beneficial.

– Maintain a community mindset – help others more than simply making a profit.

The demand for guidance on building PCs shows no signs of slowing. With your passion and the right strategy, an online DIY computer business can help many fulfill their dream of crafting the perfect custom rig.


DIY PC Building Sub-Niches


While PC building as a whole is a large niche, consider tailoring your online business to focus on a particular segment:

**Gaming PCs**

– Focus solely on optimizing builds for gaming – parts picks, overclocking, case mods, RGB, cooling.

– Cater to enthusiasts seeking 4K gaming or super-high FPS.

**Budget PCs**

– Specialize in building capable rigs with lower-cost components.

– Appeal to students, casual users, or those new to PC building.

**Small Form Factor PCs**

– Concentrate on mini-ITX motherboards and SFF cases for compact, portable builds.

**PC Case Modding**

– Provide services and guides on deeply customizing cases through painting, cutting, lighting, etc.

**Liquid Cooling Rigs**

– Focus on assembling PCs with customized water cooling setups.

– Appeal to serious overclocking enthusiasts.

**PC Repair and Upgrades**

– Specialize in diagnostic services for malfunctioning PCs.

– Provide installation services for new GPUs, CPUs, RAM etc.

Keyword Ideas for a “How to Build a PC Online Business”

Here are some key market research insights on the DIY PC building niche:

– The global PC market was valued at $532.1 billion USD in 2022 and is forecast to grow to $601 billion by 2025, presenting major opportunity (IDC).

– DIY custom-built computers make up over 25% of the consumer desktop PC market, growing from previous years (Jon Peddie Research).

– There were over 180 million gaming PC/laptop users in the U.S. in 2021, many of whom built their own rigs (Statista).

– Building a PC from parts nets savings of 20-50% versus prebuilt desktops with comparable specs (PCPartPicker price analysis).

– The global PC gaming hardware market alone is projected to surpass $50 billion by 2025 (Mordor Intelligence).

– Top gaming PC components like GPUs and CPUs saw supply shortages in 2021, indicating very high demand (Forbes).

– 78% of PC builders use YouTube tutorials, and 74% use forums when researching how to build a computer (Survey of RAM users).

– Enthusiast segments like overclockers and case modders are highly willing to spend on premium PC components (Jon Peddie Research).

– DIY PC builder demographics skew younger, with 50% under 34 years old (RAM Survey).

In summary, the popularity of custom PCs for gaming, work, and other uses continues to grow worldwide. Guidance on assembling PCs sees strong interest.

Keyword ideas for How to build a PC online business

Here is an initial list of broad and long-tail keyword ideas for the DIY PC building niche:

**Broad Keywords**

– build a pc – 301K searches/month
– building a computer – 73K searches/month
– pc build guide – 22K searches/month
– custom pc – 20K searches/month

**Longer Tail Keywords**

– building a gaming pc – 27K searches/month
– budget pc build – 17K searches/month
– building first pc – 15K searches/month
– water cooled pc – 5K searches/month
– pc overclocking guide – 4K searches/month
– gaming pc parts list – 3K searches/month
– best cpu for gaming – 2K searches/month
– computer diagnostic software – 1K searches/month
– case rgb lighting tutorial – 990 searches/month

**DIY PC Troubleshooting Keywords**

– pc wont turn on – 18K searches/month
– cpu overheating – 12K searches/month
– pc crashing while gaming – 8K searches/month
– pc blue screen on startup – 6K searches/month
– pc freezing randomly – 4K searches/month

Wrapping up our coverage of starting a How to build a PC online business

For those passionate about assembling their own computers, an online business catering to fellow PC builders allows you to monetize your specialty potentially. With custom rigs gaining popularity for gaming, work, and hobbyist uses, the opportunity to provide instructional content around DIY computer assembly has never been greater. Remember that connecting genuinely with your audience should take priority over profit. Consistently provide value through helpful tutorials, recommendations, and troubleshooting. Understand the needs of PC enthusiasts and tailor your offerings accordingly. While patience and adaptability are key, maintain your authentic excitement for empowering others to build the PC of their dreams successfully. If you approach your online venture from a place of community over simple money-making, your brand can resonate for years to come. We applaud you for embarking on this journey to merge computer expertise with education.


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