Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program: 16 EASY Tips!

Amazon affiliate program guide

The Complete Guide Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program

Earning commissions by promoting products is known as affiliate marketing, and Amazon operates one of the largest and most popular affiliate programs. This comprehensive beginners guide to the Amazon affiliate program will teach you everything you need to know to get started and succeed as an affiliate, from joining the program to driving sales and optimizing earnings.

What Exactly is the Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon is a well-known and well-respected brand that garners attention. As an affiliate, this notoriety can often make the difference between making the sale and not.-Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program
Amazon is a well-known and well-respected brand that garners attention. As an affiliate, this notoriety can often make the difference between making the sale and not.-Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Associates program allows participants to earn referral fees by linking to Amazon products from their own websites, social media accounts, YouTube channels, or other online assets.

Whenever a visitor clicks your affiliate link and completes a purchase on Amazon within 24 hours, you earn a commission. Commissions vary based on the category and price of the product purchased.

Affiliates can link to millions of products across Amazon’s online store. You can also link to specialty stores like Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh for groceries, Amazon Fashion, and more.

Over 1.9 million sites participate in the Amazon Associates program worldwide, making it one of the largest affiliate programs in existence.

Why Should You Join Amazon’s Affiliate Program?


Here are some of the major benefits of joining Amazon’s affiliate program:

**Massive Product Selection**

With over 1 million products available, you can find affiliate links for nearly any physical, digital, or household item imaginable on Amazon. This makes it easy to match affiliate products with the theme of your website or content.

**High Conversion Rates**

Amazon’s almost cult-like following, speedy shipping, and customer service lead to higher affiliate conversion rates than other retailers. According to MonsterInsights, the average conversion rate across all niches is 4.4% for Amazon affiliates.

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**Trust and Brand Recognition**

Amazon is one of the most trusted online brands. Displaying affiliate links to Amazon taps into their built-in customer trust and fuels higher click-through and conversion rates.

**Flexible Linking Options**

You can link to specific products, category pages, daily deals pages, Amazon Prime offerings, and more. This flexibility allows you to match your links closely to website content.

**Global Marketplace**

Amazon ships to 100+ countries. As an affiliate, you can earn commissions from customers across borders. This global reach is ideal for promoters outside the U.S.

**High Average Order Value**

Amazon shoppers tend to buy more than just the one product they initially click over for. This frequently leads to larger order sizes and bigger affiliate payouts per transaction.

**Performance Tracking**

Amazon provides excellent tracking within your Associates dashboard. You can assess which links earn the most commissions and adjust your promotion strategies accordingly.

**Established Program**

Launched in 1996, the Amazon Associates program is well-established. You can find tons of resources and support from Amazon and other affiliates.

**No Minimum Sales Required**

You can start earning commissions with a single sale referral. There are no minimum sales quantities required to get paid each month.

Overall, Amazon’s vast product selection, passionate customer base, flexible linking structure, and helpful tracking make it an ideal affiliate program, particularly for beginners.  These factors explain why we built this beginners guide to the Amazon affiliate program!

How Much Money Can You Make as an Amazon Affiliate?

The speed of delivery is one of the best features of shopping with Amazon, with enormous warehouses storing most of the products.-Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program
The speed of delivery is one of the best features of shopping with Amazon, with enormous warehouses storing most of the products.-Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program

The amount of money you can make through the Amazon Associates program depends on several factors:

– Number of visitors driven to Amazon from your links
– Niche you are promoting products in
– Types of products featured
– Commission percentages on product categories
– Seasonality of purchases

According to Amazon, affiliates earn 2-10% on referred sales depending on the product category. Some product categories pay higher percentages, such as Amazon Kindle devices (10%) and Amazon Prime subscriptions (5%).

Higher-priced items above $100+ also tend to have higher commission rates. Top affiliate marketers can drive millions of monthly visits to Amazon and earn 5-6-figure monthly incomes. However, as a beginner, focus your sights lower initially.

Aim to generate $100-$500 in monthly Amazon affiliate earnings when you are first starting out. As you master your niche, SEO, content marketing, and promotion tactics, you can scale up from there.

Driving even a few hundred monthly visits from Google and some social media referrals should allow you to hit this initial goal based on average conversion rates and order sizes.

Let’s look next at how to get started and set up your Amazon affiliate account.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started: Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program

You most likely have already used Amazon for your own shopping, which gives you insight into the machine that will serve your customers!-Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program
You most likely have already used Amazon for your own shopping, which gives you insight into the machine that will serve your customers!-Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program

Joining Amazon’s program is free, and only takes a few minutes to set up an account. Follow these steps:

**Step 1) Sign Up for an Amazon Associates Account**

Visit the Amazon Associates sign-up page and input your email, account password, name, and address to create your affiliate account.

**Step 2) Pick a Content Niche and Create a Website**

Choose a niche you are passionate about providing educational content like cooking, golf, fashion, or woodworking. Self-host a website through a provider like Bluehost to have more customization options and higher site speed. Utilize an SEO-optimized WordPress theme.

Need a Niche?  Here are a few that work well with the Amazon affiliate program :

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**Step 3) Select Relevant Affiliate Products**

Browse Amazon to find affiliate products that align with your website niche and content. For example, recommend stand mixers and cookware for a cooking site. Track down affiliate links and create product recommendation pages.

**Step 4) Link to Affiliate Products Naturally**

Work organic text links like “We use this portable blender for post-workout smoothies” into blog content when mentioning products. Use affiliate links within roundups, gift guides, and reviews as they align with recommendations.

**Step 5) Promote Site and Links**

Build traffic to your site and Amazon affiliate links through SEO optimization, social promotion, email marketing, and Google/Facebook ads if budget allows. Promote popular posts aggressively.

**Step 6) Monitor Sales in Your Affiliate Dashboard**

Log into your Amazon Associates dashboard to track referred sales, clicks, and commissions. Identify top earning pages and assess promotions driving conversions.

Rinse and repeat this process as you create new content showcasing affiliate products aligned with each piece. Over time, you will optimize your conversion rates.

5 Tips for Amazon Affiliate Success: Beginners Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program


Follow these tips, and you can build a successful affiliate site monetized by Amazon commissions:

**1. Niche Down**

The more focused your content, the more targeted your product recommendations and the higher your conversion rates. Aim for niches between 10,000 and 100,000 monthly searches. Identify buyer keywords.

As a companion to this beginners guide to the Amazon affiliate program, each online business niche we outline on this site has details on sub-niches and keywords to help you get started!  Just choose an area that interests you, and get started today!  Here are a few more niches that work well with the Amazon program:

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**2. Make Your Site Mobile Responsive**

Over 60% of shopping traffic comes from smartphones. Ensure your site theme is fully mobile responsive to avoid losing potential sales. Check page speed on mobile.

**3. Refresh Old Content Frequently With New Affiliate Links**

Don’t let old blog posts keep linking to outdated products. Revisit evergreen content yearly and update links and recommendations. This maintains relevance.

**4. Strategically Place Affiliate Links Across Your Site**

Beyond just text links in articles, place affiliate links in sidebars, site headers/footers, popups, buttons, and site menus to maximize visibility.

**5. Promote Affiliate Links on Social Media**

Share affiliate link product recommendations across social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Promote through email lists, too.

By applying these best practices and tracking performance, your Amazon income can grow steadily. Next, let’s compare Amazon’s program to alternatives.  As a natural extension to this beginners guide to the Amazon affiliate program, we felt it necessary to compare other very popular affiliate programs, so that you can decide what fits well for you!

How Amazon Affiliate Marketing Compares to Other Programs


While Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate programs, it is not the only option. Here is how it compares to some alternatives:

**Amazon vs. ShareASale**

ShareASale provides access to over 4,000 merchant affiliate programs but has smaller brands vs purely large companies like Amazon. However, ShareASale allows you to compare commission rates across similar affiliate programs, while Amazon sets standard rates.

**Amazon vs. Rakuten**

Rakuten has a more extensive publisher transparency rating system for tracking affiliate performance, which Amazon lacks. It also provides an affiliate forum and product deal feed. However, reported payout rates are lower overall vs Amazon.

**Amazon vs. CJ Affiliate**

CJ Affiliate offers strong tracking of clicks, impressions, and multi-channel conversions through its robust dashboard. The network has smaller brands than Amazon but comparable commission rates for digital products. Sign-up is more robust.

**Amazon vs. Clickbank**

Clickbank focuses heavily on digital products like ebooks, courses, and software. Commissions on digital products tend to be higher than physical products (50-75% vs 4-8%). But you are limited to digital rather than all e-commerce.

**Amazon vs. eBay Partner Network**

eBay has a niche focus on auctions and specialty shopping categories. Commission rates can compete with Amazon for electronics and other big-ticket items. However, conversion rates are reportedly lower.

**Amazon vs. Walmart Affiliate Program**

Walmart has expanded its online selection to over 35 million products and offers competitive commissions. However, the Walmart affiliate program operates as an invitation-only application vs Amazon’s open signup.

While other affiliate programs have benefits, Amazon continues to excel in its singular focus on the world’s largest online retailer.

Tips for Optimizing Your Site for Affiliate Earnings


Here are some tips for maximizing your affiliate commissions specifically by optimizing your website:

– Create dedicated product pages showcasing multiple related affiliate products rather than just linking within articles. These targeted pages tend to convert better.

– Structure your URLs around keywords so visitors landing on the site already have buying intent –

– Create comparison articles and rankings pitting Amazon products against each other based on price, features, and performance. Reviews and versus guides tend to perform well.

– Optimize pages for buyer keywords to attract visitors ready to purchase that product, like “buy Vitamix blender.”

– Make calls to action clear and compelling – “See Price on Amazon” or “Read Reviews on This Camera.”

– Use dynamic affiliate links that auto-update so products stay current. For WordPress, use a plugin like Pretty Links or Thirsty Affiliates.

– Enable price comparison widgets like the Amazon Product Advertising API to showcase current pricing.

A website tailored strategically for earning affiliate commissions on Amazon will outperform one focused solely on informational content in terms of earnings. But be careful not to over-optimize at the expense of providing helpful content.

Demographics to Target for Affiliate Content


Certain demographics tend to convert better for Amazon affiliates:

– Women aged 25-45 – This female demographic drives many online shopping purchases, including through Amazon. Create content tailored to pain points and interests.

– Parents – Busy parents (especially moms) turn to Amazon for convenience and time savings. Recommend kid gear family products.

– Prime Members – Subscribers to Amazon Prime convert 2-3X higher thanks to free shipping and perceived discounts. Target with Prime-specific links.

– College Students/20-Somethings – Younger generations are big Amazon buyers thanks to budget prices and Prime Student memberships.

– Higher Income Earners – Wealthier demographics are top spenders regarding Amazon purchases, according to data. Match premium affiliate product recommendations to the interests of high-income groups.

Optimizing your website experience and content for these prime Amazon buyer demographics can directly translate into higher conversions and affiliate commissions.

Recap of Amazon Affiliate Tips for Beginners


To summarize, follow this snapshot of our beginners guide to the Amazon affiliate program to start out:

– Join Amazon Associates and create a website/YouTube account
– Stick to a focused niche and identify buyer keywords
– Select affiliate products carefully matched to your content
– Link to products naturally within well-researched reviews and recommendations
– Promote content and site through SEO, social, email, and Pinterest
– Analyze performance in your Associates’ dashboard frequently and optimize

While Amazon’s program certainly provides the opportunity to earn an income through affiliate commissions, it does require significant effort. You must continually publish high-quality content showcasing relevant products.

This keeps visitors engaged, coming back month after month. Put your audience’s needs first rather than solely focusing on earning commissions.

The Amazon Associates program provides everything you need technology-wise to succeed as an affiliate marketer. But the content, promotion, and execution depend on your dedication and skills. With the right niche, high-caliber content, and an understanding of your target demographics, you can thrive as an Amazon affiliate.

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