14 SOLID Woodworking Online Business Ideas

woodworking online business ideas

Starting a Woodworking Online Business


Woodworking remains a popular hobby, craft, and profession. With the global wood product manufacturing market projected to reach $275 billion by 2026, major opportunities exist for woodworking enthusiasts to start online businesses catering to this passionate audience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore different ideas for launching a woodworking-focused online brand, creating engaging content, marketing your services, and monetizing your passion for woodcraft. Let’s get started!

The Popularity of a Woodworking Online Business

Woodworking remains a popular hobby filled with passionate participants always looking for new ideas!-Woodworking Online Business
Woodworking remains a popular hobby filled with passionate participants always looking for new ideas!-Woodworking Online Business

Before outlining business ideas, let’s look at data demonstrating woodworking’s viability as an online niche:

– There are over 8.5 million woodworkers over 18 in the United States. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

– Sales of wood-crafting supplies, tools, hardware, and equipment total over $10 billion per year in the U.S. (IBISWorld)

– Online searches for “woodworking for beginners” grew over 50% from 2018 to 2021 as interest increased. (Google Trends)

– The global market for wood manufacturing, products, tools, and materials is projected to reach $275 billion by 2026. (Acumen Research and Consulting)

– Top YouTubers teaching woodworking, like I Like To Make Stuff, have over 1 million subscribers, showing demand for instruction.

– Over 75,000 photos are shared daily using woodworking-related hashtags on Instagram.

This data indicates a sizable audience interested in woodworking content and products. Now, let’s look at online business ideas to serve this market.

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Online Business Ideas for Woodworking Fans


Some ideas for starting an online woodworking business include:

Woodworking Blog


Create a blog covering woodworking techniques, tooltips, step-by-step project tutorials, workshop organization ideas, finishing methods, lumber basics, and more. Monetize through ads, affiliates, and digital products.

Online Woodworking Courses


Sell online woodworking courses teaching skills from beginner techniques to advanced joinery and carpentry through how-to videos. Offer varying subscription access tiers.

Woodworking Tools/Supplies Store


Open an e-commerce store selling woodworking hardware, tools, lumber, plans, stains, wood carving supplies, accessories, and more. Dropship or buy wholesale.

Custom Wood Signs


Offer customized wood hanging signs for home decor, office wall art, outdoor signage, etc. Allow custom text/imagery. Expand into frames and plaques.

DIY Woodworking Kits


Sell pre-packaged kits for popular wood projects like benches, raised garden beds, bird feeders, planter boxes, etc. Provide all materials/hardware needed for assembly.

Furniture Building YouTube


Post YouTube videos demonstrating building different furniture pieces from scratch. Monetize through the Partner Program and sponsorships.

Woodworking Membership Site


Offer a monthly membership providing access to exclusive in-depth video courses on niche techniques like wood bending, marquetry, lathe work, and more.

There are endless ways to merge online entrepreneurship with a passion for woodworking. Choose an idea that matches your skills, interests, and investment level. Now let’s look at creating engaging content.

Useful Woodworking Content Topics


Unique, value-focused content will attract and retain an audience interested in woodcraft. Content ideas include:

– Step-by-step project tutorials and plans – benches, shelves, cutting boards, etc.

– Reviews of essential woodworking tools – table saws, sanders, routers, drills.

– Lumber basics – grades, types, common uses for woods like oak, maple, walnut.

– Finish guides – applying stains, oils, paints, and polyurethane top coats.

– Wood joinery techniques – mortise and tenon, dovetails, biscuits, pocket holes.

– Workshop organization ideas – storage, layout, jigs, sawhorses, mobile tools.

– Wood carving and ornament techniques – relief carving, chip carving, sculpting.

– Common woodworking mistakes to avoid.

– Interviews with master craftsmen and respected makers.

– Essential power tool techniques – table saws, miter saws, sanders, lathes.

– Small weekend woodworking projects – birdhouses, cutting boards, shelves.

Search engines reward sites for publishing new, evergreen content consistently. Promote each piece across social media. Repurpose content into video and podcast formats.

SEO Tips for Woodworking Online Business Websites


Apply on-page and technical SEO best practices to maximize search visibility:

– Choose niche-relevant domain names – WoodworkingArt.com, ModernWoodcraft.com, DIYWoodTips.com, etc.

– Include target keywords naturally in titles, headers, image names, URLs, and meta descriptions.

– Optimize pages and posts for searcher intent – project tutorials for those looking to build, tool reviews when researching purchases.

– Create dedicated pages targeting long-tail keyword opportunities – “small wood lathe”, “hand wood carving”, etc.

– Craft in-depth, comprehensive posts over 2,000 words to rank well in search engines.

– Use scannable text formatting – bullet points, numbered steps, headings, bolding.

– Link out to authoritative woodworking sites and resources.

– Update old content frequently – improved formatting, new visual assets, examples, and statistics.

– Make the site 100% mobile-friendly and optimize page loading speed. Resolve any broken links.

Marketing a Woodworking Online Business

People of all ages have interest in woodworking, which presents you a great opportunity to offer diverse content!-Woodworking Online Business
People of all ages have interest in woodworking, which presents you a great opportunity to offer diverse content!-Woodworking Online Business

Some effective marketing approaches include:

**Social Media**

– Share woodworking tips, product photos, and project previews across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

– Engage followers by asking woodworking questions and encouraging shares.

– Run occasional highly targeted Facebook/Instagram ads to reach niche demographics.

**Email Marketing**

– Offer a lead magnet like a free project plan to build an email list.

– Send regular woodworking tips, techniques, and company updates via email.


– Pursue partnerships with wood suppliers, hardware companies, and tool brands.

– Get products stocked in woodworking specialty stores.

– Guest posts on niche blogs and wood magazines for backlinks.

**Paid Ads**

– Run Google Shopping ads promoting woodworking products/kits.

– Test search and display network ads on Google.

– Retarget site visitors through custom woodworking ads on Facebook.

**Local Marketing**

– Host free woodworking workshops or demos at community centers.

– Sponsor events at local woodworking guilds when helpful for networking.

Use both free discovery and paid distribution across channels. Focus on delivering value, not just making a quick sale.

Monetizing a Woodworking Online Business


There are many options for generating income from a woodworking brand:


– Display ads – Google AdSense, Ezoic, Media.net

– Affiliate ads for wood materials, hardware, tools

– Sponsorships for brands relevant to woodworkers

**Affiliate Marketing**

– Recommend useful woodworking products and earn commissions

– Amazon Associates, Woodworker’s Hardware, Rockler

**Digital Products**

– Sell online woodworking video courses, project plans, membership site access

**Physical Products**

– Sell finished wood items on Etsy or a private site

– Offer pre-packaged project kits

**Woodworking Services**

– Offer local custom woodworking – furniture building, cabinetry, carvings.

– Teach paid woodworking classes in person

Having diverse incomes prevents reliance on one stream alone. But focus first on delivering real value and helping woodworking enthusiasts.

Achieving Success with a Woodworking Online Business


Launching a thriving woodworking business allows you to merge your craft passion with entrepreneurship. For the best chance of success:

– Consistently create and distribute in-depth, high-quality woodworking content that educates and inspires.

– Listen closely to your audience’s needs and interests to shape content and product offerings.

– Become a part of woodworking communities through forums, guilds, and events.

– Monitor analytics and sales data closely to identify opportunities to improve conversion rates.

– Stay atop woodworking and e-commerce trends to provide the most helpful information.

– Consider expanding into related niches like home improvement, crafts, CNC, and 3D printing over time.

– Foster relationships with influencers, brands, and creators in the woodworking space.

– Maintain your authentic passion for woodcraft as you build your brand and customer base.

The demand for woodworking education, supplies, and services shows no signs of waning. With the right combination of strategic planning and passion, an online woodworking business can enable you to follow your crafting passion while making a living. We wish you the best!

You make an excellent point – calling out more specific sub-niches within the broader woodworking niche would be very helpful for readers looking to specialize. Here are some potential woodworking sub-niches to cover in more detail:

Woodworking Online Business Sub-Niches


While woodworking overall presents a large opportunity, consider focusing your online woodworking business on a particular segment:


– Traditional wood joinery – Focus on classic joinery techniques like mortise and tenon, dovetails, etc.

– Modern/contemporary woodworking – Specialize in sleek, minimalist wood projects.

– Rustic woodworking – Concentrate on the rustic, country aesthetic using reclaimed wood.

– Wood carving/sculpting – Spotlight intricate hand carving and sculpting methods.


– Furniture building – Focus on constructing chairs, tables, cabinets, and beds.

– Woodturning – Specialize in lathe techniques, bowls, spindles, and pens.

– CNC woodworking – Focus on computer-controlled routers and mills.

– Wooden toys – Make heirloom-quality toys and children’s furniture.


– Wood joinery – Dovetails, mortise and tenon joints, splines, biscuits.

– Wood finishing – Specialize in applying stains, oils, lacquers, and paint techniques.

– Woodshop jigs and fixtures – Focus on specialty workshop accessories.

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Here are some key market research insights on the woodworking online business niche:


– There are over 8.5 million woodworking hobbyists over age 18 in the U.S. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

– Sales of woodworking tools, hardware, lumber, and accessories total over $10 billion per year in the U.S. (IBISWorld research)

– The global market for wood manufacturing and products is projected to reach $275 billion by 2026 as demand grows. (Acumen Research and Consulting)

– Online searches for “woodworking for beginners” grew over 50% from 2018-2021, showing rising interest. (Google Trends)

– The online woodworking classes market is estimated to reach $543 million globally by 2025 as digital adoption increases. (Meticulous Research)

– Sales of power woodworking tools like table saws, lathes, and routers increased over 30% during the pandemic as hobbyists invested. (Stanley Black & Decker earnings reports)

– YouTube woodworking channels with over 500,000 subscribers earn an average of $3,000-$5,000 monthly from the platform. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

– Top Etsy sellers of finished wood products generate $60,000-$150,000 annually from their woodcraft. (Etsy seller interviews)

– Woodworkers with large followings on Instagram can earn $1,000+ per promotional post or sponsorship. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

In summary, the woodworking market remains substantially lucrative and continues growing. This presents a major opportunity.

Here is an initial list of broad and long-tail keyword ideas for the woodworking online business niche:


**Broad Keywords**

– woodworking – 301K searches/month
– woodworking projects – 73K searches/month
– woodworking ideas – 22K searches/month
– woodworking plans – 20K searches/month

**Longer Tail Keywords**

– woodworking for beginners – 27K searches/month
– small woodworking projects – 17K searches/month
– easy woodworking projects – 15K searches/month
– woodworking tools – 5K searches/month
– woodworking bench plans – 4K searches/month
– wood carving ideas – 3K searches/month
– woodworking jigs – 2K searches/month
– woodworking gifts – 1K searches/month
– woodworking magazines – 990 searches/month

**Troubleshooting Keywords**

– table saw kicking back – 1.8K searches/month
– how to get a smooth finish on wood – 1.5K searches/month
– wood stain not absorbing evenly – 990 searches/month
– fixing wood glue mistakes – 300 searches/month

Wrapping up our coverage of the Woodworking Online Business niche:


For woodworking enthusiasts, an online business allows you to monetize your crafting passion potentially. With over 8.5 million hobbyist woodworkers in the U.S. and a $275 billion global wood industry, the demand for quality woodworking education, supplies, and services is massive.
Remember that delivering genuine value through your content and offerings should take priority over quick monetization. Consistently over-deliver helpful workshop tips, project inspiration, and product recommendations.

Stay up-to-date on woodworking trends while respecting time-honored techniques. Approach your online woodworking venture from an authentic desire to share your craft rather than simply generating profit. If you maintain this mindset of service and continue refining your knowledge, your woodworking brand can resonate for years to come. We wish you success on this journey to merge carpentry with online entrepreneurship!


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