Taking The Steps Towards Wealth*

I’ll admit I’ve been flat broke before. I’ve had times where I was stressed about how I was going to pay the bills that were really past due! I’ve also had times where I’ve had more than adequate income.  I became a student of taking the steps toward wealth.

I’ve had both of the experiences in a matter of weeks. I’m going to explain, really simply, what I’ve done to return into alignment with producing more than enough revenue and more.

Taking The Steps

Draw a line in the sand. Make a choice. From this moment forward you’ll draw in more revenue and develop a structure and habits that support a higher level of wealth. You have to be thirsty for change, and willing to make the changes.

You have to trust you are able to do this. Even if you’re skeptical that this time won’t be different from the other times, you’ve made this choice. You’ll take a few actions now that won’t let you give up on yourself. Take a bit of effort now to back yourself in the larger goal.

What is it precisely that you want to be different? If you want more revenue to come in the door, how much and how frequently? Do you wish an additional ten thousand this year or monthly? Do you wish your business to gross an additional million or net an additional million? When? This month? This year? By next year? You have to decide, or it becomes one of those “someday” things.

If an amount feels unreachable, then make it smaller. If the amount you’ve selected feels too little, then make it larger. Above all, whatever sum of money you’re deciding to have, mean what you state. This sounds so easy, but this is where most individuals fail.  You have to have a reachable goal.

It’s nobody else’s business what numbers you pick. Some individuals may judge your numbers as being too little or large based on their own life. As long as you feel firm about your selection and you’re not wimping out on yourself, go on it!

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What will you spend the money on? Mentally, this is your money and you have to be emotionally attached to it. Where is it going to go? If you’re going to pay debts, make a plan for how you’ll accomplish it. Then choose where the money will go when the debt is paid back. Now you’ve the origins of a plan. That was simple!

If you’re going to save income, how much and to where? You might have to do a little imagining and inquiry to perfect this step. If you wish to expand your business with some of this additional money, it might take you a little extra planning, but you’ll be very energized. This exhilaration will help move you towards success.

Now, think about how this is going to feel once achieved. I realize this step will sound like a waste. Don’t skip over this step. You need to make this goal so real in your brain and heart that you run, not walk, to more riches.

Produce precise actions and habits that you’ll apply beginning now to support this goal of more riches. You might only require a couple of actions. This isn’t rocket science. For a few of you, it might merely be a matter of producing accountability. You already understand what to do. For a few of you, it might be about producing an entire new relationship with income.

For some, these goals may require changing jobs or careers. There may be some painful steps along the way, but will you be glad once you do it? If the answer is yes, keep it on your list. Dissect big actions into little steps so they’re digestible.

Inspired action. Many of you have heard this a million times but are simply not applying it. Are you taking actions that feel great? Are they somebody else’s goals, or are they really something you’ve selected to do. Your intuition is speaking to you. Are you listening?

Who’s going to support you? Are you invested enough to see this goal through? Will you believe that you’ll succeed even when you don’t believe there are any positive signs over a long time period? Who’s going to help you in a way that really works for you? Consistency is key.

If you truly wish to have more money, then print this out and follow the steps in the next twenty-four hours. This whole process might take as little as an hour or two. How passionate are you about becoming wealthy? It’s not a matter of “if” you’ll be more prosperous, but “when.”

How many have nearly accomplished the goal of their aspiration, but, losing faith in themselves, have given up?  If not you, some bolder hand will reach out and grab the prize. Recall the proverb of Solomon: “He becomes poor that deals with a slack hand; but the hand of the diligent gets rich.”

Perseverance is another way of saying self-reliance. A lot of individuals naturally look on the dark side of life, and trouble finds them.  Then they can’t rely on themselves. Until you are able to rely on yourself, you can’t expect to succeed.

You can decide whether you are prone to fortune or misfortune.  Of course, there are many factors, but it all starts in your mind.  Nothing gets done without mentally making it real first.

You’ll see this illustrated in any area of life. Work at it early and late, in season and out of season, leaving a stone unturned, and always keeping this as your highest priority.
The old adage is full of truth and meaning, “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.”

If these are truly your goals, then go at them wholeheartedly. Ambitions, vitality, industry, doggedness, are indispensable essentials for success in business.
Fortune forever favors the courageous, and never helps a man who doesn’t help himself. It won’t work if you’re waiting for something to “turn up.”

You can’t expect to win in life unless you understand your business, and nobody can understand their business thoroughly unless they study it by personal application and experience. Become a master at your chosen profession.

Learn and grow from you mistakes as much as through success. You have to plan careful, but be bold in carrying them out. If you’re too cautious, will never dare to take charge and be successful; if you’re all boldness and no plan,  you’ll most likely fail.

Bold action only may get you success occasionally, but it ultimately fail.  You’re leaving your success up to chance, and that’s not sustainable.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.  People that are on a similar path, or at least people who support your path.  You can gain a lot of momentum simply by associating with successful people.


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