Envision What You Want*

Have you ever tried to envision what you want?  We all have dreams for our lives, but we get bogged down by every day life. We become victims of our own condition. Work is simply about a job – to survive financially. Life becomes a series of tasks such as choosing to live, parenting, relationships, bills, work, etc.

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For some of us, there’s a hungering for more deep inside. Is it a deeper meaning or a richer understanding of life? There can be no limits if you truly want more out of your life. “As a man thinketh, so is he.” A major shift to manifesting the life you wish is to think about what you wish out of life. What is it that you wish to do with your life?

A great exercise is to take a sheet of paper and jot down your answers to the corresponding questions:

What is my deepest want?
What would I like to achieve in my lifetime?

Where would I wish to be in five years?
Where would I wish to be twenty years?

What would I like to achieve this year?
What am I great at?

Check into all fields of your life:

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    • Your line of work


    • Your Relationship


    • Your Wellness


    • Your Financial state of affairs


    • How you have fun ( how you spend your vacations)

After you’ve filled in these lists, you’ll need to prioritize them. Simply take the list that you put down and rank every topic 1 – 5 points. 1 becoming the least crucial to five points being the most.

Now you have priorities in your life, this will help you determine where your attention should be. It’s an easy equation:  simply  spend most of your time with the number 1 topic on your list. Spend somewhat less time with the number 2 entry on your list – and so forth for numbers 3 through 5.

There’s no need to slice the day into time slots. Just by doing this exercise you’re programming your consciousness to spend time synching with your list.

For example, let’s say you’d like to find your life partner in the next 2 years, and this is at the very top of your list. Review your day at the end of it.  If you haven’t spent the majority of your day on this goal this goal, you’re not aligned properly, and you might never accomplish your goal.

When this happens simply realize it and adjust accordingly. Ignoring it and not making adjustments will not get you where you want to be.

You have to take action to manifest your goal(s), for instance:

    • Take action by signing on for a class


    • Enroll in a weekend seminar on a matter that fascinates you


    • Go to a workshop that centers on your interest


    • Spend time at places where you are able to meet individuals that share this interest

If your goal is to be a millionaire within 5 years, and you’re spending only 5 minutes of your time every day to achieve this goal, then don’t be surprised if your financial state of affairs never changes.

Another critical aspect of manifestation is consistency. Let’s presume you’ve made your priority list and everything on your list feels great up to now.

It’s really crucial that you’re in emotional sync with your goals – they have to feel right to you. If you merely make goals in your mind that are not useful to you then you’ll discover yourself having a difficult time working to accomplish them. You are vastly more motivated to work on goals that feel right for you.

Put differently, they turn the goal into a fact. Watch out, however, for the pitfalls. A couple of weeks go by and nothing happens. Now frustration kicks, making the goal appear unreachable.  Your motivation dwindles down to zero. This is the point where you have to acknowledge your frustration. Don’t simply ignore it – face it as totally and consciously as you are able to.

This may be unpleasant for you, but it will help you get closer to your goal. How is this? When you want to change your reality you have to do something differently than what you’ve done previously. So this is where the truth check comes in. You look around and can’t see any change. But changes might have already happened in your thinking and conduct.

You might have set matters in motion that you can’t yet see. Frustration often sets in when you feel things aren’t happening fast enough. Remember – there are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic time frames. So feel your dismay and let it resolve. View what you’ve done and realign your strategies. If one way doesn’t lead to success don’t quit at that point – simply try another.

If you stick with a goal you’ll accomplish it. Occasionally you might push too hard when you simply have to let go and take the pressure off. You question yourself at this point, doubting if you are able to achieve. Go to the place in your brain where you know you can’t fail. Reading a book or viewing a motivational movie might help to get you realigned with your power source.

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