Who am I??

niche market guyHi, I’m Rob….and I’m just like you!

My name is Rob, and I am the creator of Niche-Factory and Niche-Weekly.  I have been building websites, analyzing niche markets, and building a living online for many years now.

Quite some time ago, I found my true passion- niche market research!  I know it’s not “sexy”, but it’s something I can dig into.  I also knew that my willingness to work on these ‘tedious” tasks can benefit me, as well as you.

These days, that’s all I really do.  I’m fascinated by the process, and I enjoy doing something that benefits others.  what could be better?

One thing I will not do is promise you amazing success overnight!  It will take work, and your website will have to “age” for a time, as Google decides if you’re trust-worthy in your chosen niche.

I don’t want to disappoint you by saying that, but I also don’t want you going in with the wrong impressions, either.  I’m sure you are very aware that there are thousands of “gurus” out there, promising instant riches and fame.  They are more than willing to take your money and run.

Although a million dollars overnight is not realistic, building a solid business with solid information is.  The choice will always be yours- keep spinning your wheels, locked into “the next big thing” in the “get rich quick” arena, or knuckling down and actually building sites that will grow and expand in time.

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