What Is A Niche BluePrint??? Say “HI” to our exclusive market research reports!

Let’s face It….Researching online business ideas SUCKS!!

(It is also time consuming and expensive)

A lot of this research zaps all of passion and motivation out of you.  You just want to start and run you own business online, without the steep learning curve.

But which online business ideas are the most profitable?  What are the best ways to connect with an audience in each of these ideas?  Who is my competition and what are they doing?

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone GAVE YOU all this information, for less than a pizza?

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

We are NICHE-FACTORY, and we specialize in pre-made research for online business ideas.  We take guesswork out of the start-up process, and give you real tools and training to build with.

We WILL NOT promise overnight riches or instant solutions to building a business online.  No, it will take work, research, and perseverance to thrive online.

But WE DO PROMISE to supply you with great research and training that will get you started the RIGHT WAY.


The big star of our community is the Epic Niche BluePrint.

But what is it exactly?

market research reportsThe Epic Niche BluePrint is our exclusive market research reports, each one usually running about 25-30 pages long.  These guides serve as a comprehensive introduction for a particular niche or segment of a niche.  The goal of each BluePrint is to give you valuable insight into a particular niche.  You can then use this research to build out your websites, eliminating a lot of the tedious and time consuming analysis you would have to perform yourself.

Here are some of the vital questions that need answering as you build your niche empire. The answers to most of these questions form the foundation for almost every successful niche website! All of this and more are addressed within each Epic Niche BluePrint guide!!

  • What are the keywords people are using to search for your chosen niche?  Answer:  each BluePrint is filled with a ton of broader Google suggestion keywords, as well as filtered and focused results from Jaaxy.  Never heard of Jaaxy?  You soon will!
  • What are some other topics related to your niche?  You can build a bigger, more authoritative site knowing this.  Answer: Each guide features an “Angles” section with keywords to add layers to your site as you move along.
  • We even add in YouTube keywords, because many niches can benefit and flourish by having a YouTube channel connected to it.
  • What about some market research in your niche, as it relates to an online presence?  Is the niche growing, trending, and big enough for you to succeed?  Answer:  Our guides provide an overview of the particular niche idea, including analysis of the industry.
  • Who are the chief competitors and influencers in this niche? We provide a good list of top performers in each niche, from websites, social media, and YouTube channels.
  • Where are the most active people in this niche “hanging out” online- and what are they talking about? What are they buying?  We include a listing of top forums and social media entities, where people engage with each other within a certain niche and/or interest.
  • We also throw in  content ideas and suggested domain names.
  • What are the best affiliate programs for this niche?  Answer: we scope out a lot of options, and try to only focus on relevant and reputable companies that pay well and pay consistently.  in addition, we try to focus on affiliate programs that will be around for a while.  There’s nothing worse than building a site around a particular offer, only for that company to be selling shady stuff, or going out of business and leaving you hanging.

We have over 50 of these market research reports waiting inside, and growing every month!!  But that’s not nearly all….


over 100 market research reports inside!There are currently over 50 Epic Niche BluePrints loaded inside our member’s area!

We add 4 new reports each and every month!

We even take suggestions (some restrictions apply)- an exclusive lifetime member benefit!


epic business trainingEpic Training-  Our curated and exclusive video collection of the hottest marketing topics-  most of them with accompanying E-books and other training materials.  We add 2 new training courses per month!

Some of our topics include:  Email List building, Social Media marketing, and Content marketing, just to name a few.


article snack packs*NEW*  Article Snack Packs-  Feast on our brand new article writing packages!!  Our exclusive guides cover dozens of niches!!  Each guide features over 50 article starters, with great headlines, and article summaries.  All you do is fill in the blanks!  We add 4 new Snack Packs every month!





inspirational video coursesInspiration Corner-  Motivation and inspiration play a HUGE part in building a successful online business.  We all can get discouraged and frustrated as we pursue our dreams!  Our collection of curated video courses provide a pick-me-up and wise guidance, and we add at least 2 new fresh new courses every month!



learn word pressNuts N Bolts-  Want to learn WordPress?  We got you covered there as well- our video courses cover everything from basics to advanced!

We also have other video courses designed to learn website design and good SEO techniques!




facebook members groupNiche-Factory Member’s Club-  Gain access to our vibrant Facebook group.

Ask questions, get answers, take quizzes, keep up to date on all the new and exciting things going on within the Niche-Factory community!

We also will keep you connected with updates via email, and we’re very easy to contact!


“Why would I need so many niche ideas”, you may ask…..

You may wonder “why in the heck would anyone need access to so many niche ideas”?  “Why would I commit to a membership when I feel I can only work on one”?

I hear ya!  At first, it may seem daunting, but as soon as you commit to investing in your dreams, and you get comfortable building out your sites, you will feel the itch to learn and do more.

In addition, it is best to diversify your projects, working on a few concepts and niches.

A NICHE-FACTORY membership gives you access to many different ideas and BluePrints, allowing you to sort through many to find your true calling.

And don’t forget all the other tools we provide!  A great selection of instruction and motivational courses that keep you on track.  This content alone may be worth the admission price alone!

Don’t worry, however, if you feel that our content isn’t right for you.  We back our membership with a no-questions asked 30 day guarantee!

30 day guarantee