Inspiration Corner: The Power of Positivity

It’s easy to discouraged when you have so much to juggle- family, work, and that pesky Internet inspirational video coursesbusiness!  Sorting through the sea of information, waiting for your first sales and clients, and merely finding the time to work on your dream business can take a toll on our optimism.

Learning to breath, and finding the bright rays of light that keep us moving forward are what this video series discusses.  It is well worth the time invested!  The importance of approaching life with a optimistic view cannot be overstated!


Video Titles

  1. Getting started      2:11
  2. Overcome negativity ASAP      2:15
  3.  8 ways to transform your thoughts     2:12
  4. Positive thinking exercises      2:35
  5. The use of humor      2:02
  6. How positivity breeds success     2:08
  7.  5 benefits of positive thinking      2:14
  8. Positivity at work      2:10
  9. Health benefits of positive thinking      2:19
  10. Surround yourself with positivity     2:07


Please Note:  This curated video series is presented for educational purposes for our members.  Any products or services mentioned during the presentation are merely done so to illustrate the topic being discussed.  None of the products and services in any of these curated video courses are endorsed or promoted by NICHE-FACTORYNICHE-FACTORY assumes no responsibility for the use of any of these products and services.  Nevertheless, feel free to independently explore any products and services that may appeal to you as you build your business!