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mountain biking online business

Launching into the Mountain Biking Online Business Niche

With over 40 million off-road cyclists in the U.S. alone, mountain biking is more than just a hobby – a massive industry filled with passionate enthusiasts. This presents a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start an online business around the mountain biking niche. This comprehensive guide will explore the various ways to launch a successful mountain biking website or blog.

Understanding the Mountain Biking Online Business Niche

First, let’s examine some key statistics about the sport to understand this market better:

– There are estimated to be over 7 million mountain bike participants in the U.S., according to Statista.

– Mountain biking participation skews heavily male, with women making up just 24% of participants. The average age is around 36.

– According to Outside Online, most mountain bikers ride one to three times per week and spend an average of $2,000 on their primary bike.

– Top-purchased accessories include hydration packs, bike computers, clipless pedals, and upgraded suspension forks. Riders invest heavily in gear.

– Common mountain biking disciplines include cross country, trail/all mountain, downhill, fat biking, and enduro riding. Each discipline has dedicated enthusiasts.

– Key mountain biking locations in the U.S. include Moab, Utah; Brevard, North Carolina; Bend, Oregon; Phoenix, Arizona; and Lake Tahoe, California.

This data shows a sizeable addressable audience of dedicated riders. While men dominate the niche, there’s room to produce more beginner and female-focused content. Now, let’s explore specific types of content you can create.

Content Ideas for a Mountain Biking Online Business Website

Mountain bikers are hungry for content that helps them progress in their riding abilities, discover new trails, and make equipment purchases. Here are some valuable types of content to produce:

– Location/Trail Guides: Share the top mountain biking trails and destinations with details on terrain, difficulty, scenery, and local amenities. Ride reports build trust.

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– Gear Reviews: Review the latest mountain bikes, components, accessories, apparel, tools, and technology. Include buying considerations for different disciplines.

– How-To Articles & Videos: Create tutorials analyzing skills like cornering, jumping, climbing, descending, bike set-up, bike maintenance, fitness training, and more.

– Interviews: Talk to pro riders, frame builders, bike shop owners, apparel designers, race directors, photographers, coaches, and influencers in the sport.

– News Articles: Share the latest MTB news on races, athlete accomplishments, new products, trail initiatives, events, and industry announcements relevant to your audience.

– Bike Checks: Showcase how readers have customized their mountain bikes through components, paint jobs, and upgrades.

– Gift Guides: Curate gift ideas and stocking stuffers for mountain bikers, including tools, accessories, parts, bags, books, and apparel.

– Beginner’s Guides: Help newcomers with buying their first bike, picking disciplines, basic technique, etiquette, intro trails, and the gear they need.

Catering to all skill levels and riders broadens your site audience and revenue potential. Of course, you can always dig into specific niche disciplines more deeply.

Best Practices for Monetizing a Mountain Biking Online Business

Once you build an engaged audience, there are several proven ways to generate income from a mountain biking site. Here are some of the top options:

– Affiliate Marketing: Promote relevant mountain biking products like complete bikes, components, apparel, accessories, tools, and nutrition through affiliate links that pay you commissions. Sites like Singletracks use affiliate links prominently.

– Advertising: Sell display banners and video ads to bike brands, retailers, tourism boards, events, and related companies looking to reach your passionate audience of riders. You can work directly with brands or use an ad network.

– Paid Content: Provide exclusive long-form content, courses, gear guides, training plans, maps, reviews, and tutorials that readers can purchase access to.

– Virtual Group Rides: Host-guided virtual rides where participants pay a fee to ride and chat together online. This helps build community among your audience.

– Branded Products: Design and sell branded apparel, components, nutrition products, stickers, prints, bags, or accessories for mountain bikers.

– Trail Maps/Guides: Create and sell digital or print mountain biking guidebooks focused on your local region. Update regularly.

The more revenue streams you leverage, the more cushion you have if one underperforms. Just ensure your monetization aligns with the interests of your audience.

SEO Strategies for Gaining Organic Reach in the Mountain Biking Online Business Niche

Gaining visibility in search engines like Google is crucial for bringing in targeted mountain biking enthusiasts to your site long-term. Here are some essential SEO strategies to focus on:

– Perform keyword research using tools like SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, and UberSuggest to identify relevant long-tail keyword opportunities around mountain biking terms.

– Optimize your pages and posts by focusing on 3-5 primary keywords and organically integrating them throughout your content.

– Prioritize informational, in-depth, evergreen content structured around comprehensive guides, reviews, and ‘how-to’ tutorials.

– Look for opportunities to create location-specific content optimized for your city or state + relevant MTB keywords.

– Get backlinks from other authority sites and build social media followings to improve domain authority and organic reach.

– Produce new, fresh content consistently to stay relevant. Promote new content through email, social media, and influencers.

– Monitor your search traffic in Google Analytics to identify high-value pages and refine your keyword targeting over time.

By staying focused on serving your audience first with helpful information and advice, the traffic, links, and exposure needed for organic growth will follow.


Launching an online business focused on the mountain biking niche can be incredibly rewarding if you approach it thoughtfully and remain committed. Cater your content to the needs of passionate riders, provide real value, diversify your monetization methods, and stay nimble. While capturing a share of this audience takes dedication, the opportunity to turn your passion for mountain biking into a sustainable business makes the effort well worth it. We wish you the best of success!


Digging Into Sub-Niches Within the Mountain Biking Online Business Niche

Mountain Biking appeals to families and people of all ages, and that provides multiple ways to craft a Mountain Biking Online Business!
Mountain Biking appeals to families and people of all ages, and that provides multiple ways to craft a Mountain Biking Online Business!

While mountain biking represents a sizable niche, you can focus your online business on specific sub-niches within the sport to better cater to distinct audiences. Here are some of the most promising mountain biking sub-niches to consider:

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill or gravity mountain biking involves steep, technically demanding terrain and high speeds. Sub-niche content ideas include:

– Downhill bike reviews: Compare the latest downhill mountain bikes and components like shocks, wheels, and drivetrains.

– Downhill trails: Share guides to iconic downhill-specific bike parks and trails like Whistler Bike Park, Snowshoe, and Mountain Creek.

– Racing coverage: Report on downhill racing results, rider profiles, and coverage of events like the UCI World Cup.

– Technique analysis: Help downhill riders improve cornering, bike control, jumps, line choice, and mental focus.

– Protective gear: Review offerings from companies like Leatt, POC, and Fox Racing for injury prevention.

Enduro Mountain Biking

Enduro racing has surged in popularity, combining downhill segments with sustained climbs. Sub-niche content may include:

– Enduro bike comparisons: Discuss differences between enduro bikes vs. trail and all-mountain bikes.

– Race reports: Provide coverage of popular enduro racing series like the EWS Continental Series in North America and Europe.

– Training advice: Help enduro racers work on anaerobic capacity, timed stage strategy, and race nutrition.

– Protective gear: Review helmets, pads, and apparel purpose-built for enduro racing from brands like 7iDP and IXS.

Cross-Country Mountain Biking

Cross country emphasizes pedaling efficiency and cardio on less technical terrain. Sub-niche content may cover:

– Hardtail vs full suspension bikes: Compare cross-country focused hardtails and short travel full suspension XC bikes.

– Race news: Report on Olympic format cross-country racing events and series like the Pro XCT.

– Technical skills: Help XC riders improve cornering, climbing efficacy, handling obstacles, and bike position.

– XC training plans: Provide tailored cross-country training plans for beginners to elite racers.

Women’s Mountain Biking

Women still represent a minority in mountain biking. Sub-niche content may include:

– Product reviews: Assess women’s specific bikes, apparel, saddles, grips, and protective gear.

– Skills coaching: Create skills tutorials tailored to female riders’ common issues.

– Interviews: Profile and discuss challenges with female professional riders, frame builders, and business owners in the MTB industry.

– Community building: Share stories on groups and initiatives getting more women into mountain biking.

Youth Mountain Biking

Help kids stay safe while falling in love with the sport through sub-niche content like:

– Kids bike reviews: Cover appropriately sized children’s mountain bikes from brands like Specialized, Trek, and Canyon.

– Family-friendly trails: Share beginner mountain bike trails suitable for riding with children.

– Youth coaching: Provide fundamental mountain biking skills instruction for developing young riders.

– Kids bike gear: Review helmets, pads, apparel, tools, and packs for young mountain bikers.

The possibilities abound for drilling down into specific facets of mountain biking aligned with your unique passions and knowledge as an enthusiast and entrepreneur. Find your sub-niche within this thriving industry!

Here is some additional market research on the mountain biking online business niche:

– The global mountain biking equipment market is projected to grow at 4.8% CAGR from 2022 to 2030 to reach $8.5 billion, according to Emergen Research. This demonstrates the continued growth and business potential of the MTB industry.

– There were over 550,000 unit sales of new mountain bikes priced over $1,000 in 2021, up 40% from pre-pandemic levels, according to NPD Group. Higher-priced bikes make up the majority of sales, signaling demand for premium gear.

– The 25-44 age demographic makes up the largest share (43%) of mountain bike participants, according to the 2021 Outdoor Participation Report. Targeting mountain bikers under 45 has the most significant market potential.

According to People for Bikes, Beginner mountain bike clinics and lessons saw over 300% growth from 2019 to 2020 as newcomers flooded the sport. Catering to beginner education represents an enormous opportunity.

– Just 29% of mountain bikers are female, according to the 2021 IMBA National Rider Study. This highlights the chance to create more female-focused MTB content.

– The West is the #1 U.S. region for mountain biking with almost 3 million participants, but all regions have at least 1 million MTB participants as of 2020, according to Statista. MTB interest is nationwide.

According to Bicycle Retailer Magazine, Fat biking, EV mountain bikes, virtual mountain biking, and mountain biker influencer sponsorships are some emerging growth areas to consider. Position yourself at the forefront of hot trends.

Staying on top of the latest MTB industry statistics, developments, and forecasts ensures you can meet evolving audience interests and position your business for sustainable growth.

If you’re not ready to grab the handlebars on a Mountain Biking Online Business just yet, check out some of our other research guides:

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Here are some broad keywords that define the mountain biking online business niche, along with related long-tail keywords and monthly search volumes:

Researching proper keywords will help you get discovered within the mountain biking online business niche, and connects you to a vibrant community of enthusiasts!
Researching proper keywords will help you get discovered within the mountain biking online business niche, and connects you to a vibrant community of enthusiasts!


Broad Keywords:

– mountain biking – 223,000 searches
– mtb – 148,000 searches
– mountain bikes – 110,000 searches
– mountain bike trails – 73,000 searches
– downhill mountain biking – 49,500 searches
– enduro mountain biking – 27,100 searches
– cross country mountain biking – 14,800 searches

Long-Tail Keywords:

– mountain biking for beginners – 11,000 searches
– mountain bike trails near me – 9,900 searches
– best mountain bikes – 9,900 searches
– mountain biking tips – 6,600 searches
– mountain bike parts – 6,600 searches
– mountain bike frames – 6,600 searches
– full suspension mountain bikes – 5,400 searches
– downhill mountain bikes – 4,400 searches
– women’s mountain bikes – 3,300 searches
– mountain bike accessories – 2,900 searches
– hardtail mountain bikes – 2,900 searches
– enduro mountain bikes – 2,400 searches
– electric mountain bikes – 2,400 searches
– mountain bike helmets – 1,900 searches
– mountain bike wheels – 1,900 searches
– mountain bike shoes – 1,600 searches
– mountain bike suspension forks – 1,300 searches
– clipless mountain bike pedals – 1,300 searches
– downhill mountain bike helmets – 1,300 searches
– downhill mountain bike parts – 1,000 searches
– enduro mountain bike frame – 880 searches
– enduro mountain bike helmets – 880 searches
– cross country mountain bikes – 880 searches
– cross country mountain bike tires – 590 searches
– cross country mountain bike frames – 480 searches
– kids mountain bikes – 1,600 searches
– mountain bike gloves – 1,300 searches
– mountain bike shorts – 1,300 searches
– mountain bike goggles – 880 searches
– mountain bike jackets – 590 searches
– mountain bike knee pads – 590 searches
– mountain bike pants – 490 searches
– full face mountain bike helmets – 490 searches

Hitting the brakes on our Mountain Biking Online Business coverage

In summary, starting an online mountain biking site represents a compelling business opportunity given the sport’s colossal participation base and passionate enthusiasts willing to invest in content and products that fuel their riding passions.

By thoroughly researching mountain biking trends and statistics, drilling into specific sub-niches, creating value-driven tutorials, guides, reviews, and news articles, and implementing various digital monetization models, you can tap into this highly engaged audience and build a thriving business.

Some keys to success include:

– Catering to all rider skill levels and disciplines, not just hardcore enthusiasts. Beginner and intermediate riders have buying power, too.

– Optimizing content for mountain biking keywords nationally and in your local region. Geo-targeted content can gain quick traction.

– Building a trusted brand known for in-depth education versus thin, affiliate-heavy content. Quality wins long-term.

– Diversifying income through multiple streams – advertising, affiliates, branded products, paid training programs, etc. Don’t rely on just one model.

– Staying on top of the latest industry gear, trends, events, and influencers to provide cutting-edge, timely information riders value.

The mountain biking niche certainly takes dedication and passion to build a business, but few other hobbies inspire loyalty and identity. If you love riding and enjoy helping fellow cyclists, success will follow.

FAQs About Starting a Mountain Biking Online Business


– What are the main costs involved in starting a mountain biking site?

The main costs are domain names ($10-$15 per year), web hosting ($5-$15 per month), and paid content production like writer fees. Start lean before you monetize.

– How can I gain technical expertise in mountain biking?

Ride extensively, take skills clinics, read MTB books/magazines, watch instructional videos, join group rides, and pick the brains of more experienced riders.

– Is it better to start locally or nationally?

Start by focusing locally to understand and serve riders in your region sincerely. Then, expand regionally and nationally over time.

– What degree of fitness and riding ability is needed?

Any riding ability can work as long as you’re passionate about the sport – just be transparent about your skill level with readers.

– How lucrative can a mountain biking site become?

Profitability depends on traffic volume, monetization models, and niche competitiveness, but five- to six-figure incomes are feasible long-term.

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