EPIC Training: Evergreen Internet Profits

This little video series covers a topic near and dear to us- building sites that will last the test of time!epic business training

Evergreen niches are what we feature- ideas that will be relevant for a long time.  Search volume may fluctuate at times, but building niche sites around topics that stay popular for the long term is the most prudent way to grow.





Video Titles

  1. Build the foundation                      2:16
  2. Diversify your traffic                      2:07
  3. What to do first                               2:13
  4. Become a trusted influencer         2:15
  5. Why build an evergreen niche      2:10
  6. Build an email list fast                   2:23
  7. Why branding is important           2:22
  8. Re-purposing your content           2:19
  9. Create valuable content                2:00
  10. Top 3 evergreen niches               2:15


Please Note:  This curated video series is presented for educational purposes for our members.  Any products or services mentioned during the presentation are merely done so to illustrate the topic being discussed.  None of the products and services in any of these curated video courses are endorsed or promoted by NICHE-FACTORYNICHE-FACTORY assumes no responsibility for the use of any of these products and services.  Nevertheless, feel free to independently explore any products and services that may appeal to you as you build your business!